The WHY magazine was my project in the Editorial Design class of Paul Sych, winter 2012.

This magazine is about knowledge, critical thinking in design and exploration in design. I divided the magazine into the the three parts, KNOW, SAY and DO. The SHARE part of it would be online. The KNOW section is all about knowledge and information, the SAY section about opinion and critical reviews and the DO part is graphic research and experimentation.

I wanted to have the logo very sharp edged and strong.
Because the logo worked so well I decided to develop a typeset out of it. I used this type as different kinds of illustration.

I also decided to let the three sections look differently. The knowledge part is without photographic images, only type is used. The opinion part is mixed with little illustrative photos and the experimentation one consists almost only of photographs.

I want to print this magazine two colored on a RISO printer. This way the price would be low enough to actually sell it and spread the message.