SCHORSCH is a documentation of the Büchner200 Festival that has its focus on the exhibition design that the class I was part of did for the Centralstation Darmstadt. It also is an autonomous magazine that reflects the different facetts of Georg Büchners work and the process of dealing with it. It was published in a limited edition of 100 copies in spring 2014.

Together with Sara Spörecke I did the concept and the design for the magazine. Bastian Thüne was our copywriter and proofreader.

The magazine is devided into two parts. The inner section contains full bleed atmospheric photos of the exhibition spaces. The outer part constits of different texts we requested from people that were involved in the festival.
For example an interview with the initiators of the Festival, a summary of Jan-Christoph Hauschilds recently published book about Georg Büchner and his women, an interview with Ariane Martin who just published an complete edition of Georg Büchners work and also statements of the students who've been involved.