I had the honor to take part in the Fraser Muggeridge Workshop at the first After School Club (ASC) in Offenbach.
The participants were called upon to share something they believe in, through a typographic poster with others. At the end oft the two days all "Evangelisms" were shown in an exhibition and given away as a present.
My thought I wanted to share was that people should not "bullshit", because it is worse than lying. The one who lies at least know the truth but "bullshitting" is worse, people who do so don't care about truth and act against tollerance.

I did a series of three posters. On each a popular "bullshit" utterd by an institution in our society is shown. On each a note shows who the speaker is and a short text on the bottomn describes the philosophical background of it.
This way the loudness and conciseness of "bullshit" is shown and the truth is only perceivable with a second more conscious view.