25 × 25 is a collection of conceptual drawings based on "5 × 25 - Winternotizen für ein Sommerprojekt" by Inger Christensen. It was developed in the illustration class of Prof. Sabine Zimmermann.

Analyzing Christensens work I notized, that she is using math to structure her poetry. "5 × 25 - Winternotizen für ein Sommerprojekt" has got 5 chapter with 25 sections each. Every 5 sections she put in a short saying that was shorter than the other parts.

My reaction to her very systematic poetry was to mimic her with a similar systematic way of illustration. I chose a setting for every chapter and a character for every section and combined all of those. But I didn't leave it at that point. My intent was to question the meaning of the sayings Inger Christensen used. That is why I combined my 5 × 5 illustrations with here 5 × 5 sayings. This way you can interprete the same sentence in 25 differend ways.